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Making You Feel Secure When Buying and Selling Real Estate.

Hunsberger Realty Ltd, Brokerage focuses on the individual real estate needs of clients who seek professional help in the buying and selling of real estate in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area. Clients can count on receiving professional, personalized service, and can rest assured that their legitimate needs are foremost to the company.

Hunsberger Realty Ltd, Brokerage can assist you in pricing your home, marketing, helping buyers find financing, and a host of other tasks which are involved in the task of buying and selling real estate.

There are definite advantages in dealing with Hunsberger Realty Ltd, Brokerage. First is the real estate experience of the broker, Merrill R. Hunsberger, PhD, Broker of Record. He has been a Realtor for 30 years. During that time he has been involved in the listing and sale of residential, agricultural, commercial , and industrial real estate in Canada and the United States. He has been a Realtor in the Waterloo Region-Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge-since 1982, and is experienced in dealing with both urban and rural properties.

Second, he has other noteworthy experience as well. He lived in East Asia a total of five years: Taiwan, Republic of China, where he did dissertation research and Chinese language study, 1970-1972; and Hong Kong, where he was engaged in relief work with Mennonite Central Committee, 1960-1963. He obtained a PhD. in modern Chinese history at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has taught courses in the history of China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The extensive academic preparation and experience have provided an academic perspective to his business dealings, a definite asset especially when seeking solutions to sometimes complicated/difficult situations.

Third, he speaks Chinese (ta hui shuo guo-yu). This is an asset when dealing in the cosmopolitan area of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, where there are numerous Chinese speaking persons. He is able to communicate with them in Mandarin Chinese.

If you seek a Realtor with substantial experience, education, and a desire to be of service, contact Hunsberger Realty Ltd, Brokerage, today at one of the numbers cited above.

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